Historical Deals & Mandates Locked
      Primary Direct Deals
      Secondary Fund Mandates
  • Development and expansion capital is sought to develop a high-speed train internet service, currently undergoing final trials on Eurostar trains (in Spain, Belgium etc). Seed round closed, with strong interim orders and strong strategic partners. Deal source MOD-affiliate. [Deal closed].
  • Development capital is sought to mass produce a new semiconductor chip packaging technology where orders are being advanced even before a full production flow characterisation.
    Deal source MOD-affiliate. Notable Investor, WDA, Founders etc [Deal closed].
  • We have £450m investment-grade properties available for sale in London. Yields 6-8% pa [Deal closed].
  • MBO deal in Leisure Industry @ USD 20m, UK [Deal closed].
  • We have a mandate to originate secondary buyout opportunities from USD 20-100m in UK.
    Traditional industries only.
  • We have a mandate to originate secondary buyout portfolio and/or large single entities in the USA and Western Europe with value of USD 20-150m with high operational requirements, minimum pre-emptive rights and sector independent.
  • We have a mandate to originate secondary fund-of-fund investments in the healthcare, consumer, media and chemical sectors within range of USD 20-500m.
  • We have multiple mandates for real estate investment funds in a sector agnostic manner.